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Begin datumfebruari 23, 2019
Einddatummaart 29, 2019

Unlike many blockchain projects that are building from scratch, Triip is already profitable with a close relationship with tourism boards in the Asia Pacific. It has a proven business team which create a dynamic ecosystem and can claim to be the world’s first and largest exclusive local tours platform.

CEO & Founder

#ForumTurisTIC a la sessió "Showroom de Tecnologies" @triipme @quimera_scrm @ntropiaservices Social&Beyond i @AffluencesES ens ensenyaran diferents solucions tecnològiques pel sector turístic
Inscripcions gratuïtes👉🏻

Our CEO @haivietho is joining the #forumturistic as a speaker.
The first type-A Blockchain edition will happen in #Catalonia from 11th to 15 April: ONLY 3 SPOTS LEFT:
#Barcelona #Tourist #ICO #triipprotocol #triip #typearetreat

TOMOSwap on Testnet - Let's see how $TIIM can swap to $TOMO.
Triip Protocol ICO is going on now. You can buy in by
1TIIM ~ 0.015 $USD - Secured by Stripe
1 TOMO ~ 55 TIIM
1 ETH ~ 8800 TIIM
Join us for sustainable travel here:
#TriipProtocol #triip

Meet Catalan Government for investment /Corporation opportunities
Meet key influencers from within and outside the crypto space.
Network with other Blockchain Founders/ Entrepreneurs in Asia
@TomoChainANN @MidasProtocol @longvuong22

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Prijs1 ETH = 8,800 TIIM Verkoop165,000,000 BetaalmethodeETH
Minimale investeringN/A Distributie33% verhevenN/A
Soft Cap2,500 ETH Hard Cap18,750 ETH