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Begin datumjuni 20, 2019
Einddatumaugustus 20, 2019
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In just three recent years, the number of internet users increased by about 40% while 90% of the data on the internet has been created since 2016. Given even more data moving online with the Internet of Things, the amount of information on the Internet will expand exponentially. Welcome to the era of knowing when we continue to digitize every aspect of our lives and finally realize that our privacy has critical value in a robust information society. We all have information we want to keep to ourselves, and since most of our communications take place online, we should take measures in order to protect it from prying eyes. If you have been following the news, you‘ve probably heard plenty of stories about privacy breaches, information leakage, cyber attacks and such. Last year was monumental for data breaches: in 2017, the number of data records compromised in publicly disclosed data breaches surpassed 2.5 billion, 88% up from 2016. Anonymity, privacy, and security are central concepts in the online world, and if you don‘t take them seriously, credit card numbers, confidential documents, personal photos are just a few of the things you can say goodbye to. In fact, online safety needs different measures depending on your goals and activities. However, privacy, anonymity, and security have been reduced into a big mess of blurred lines and unclear definitions. So let‘s first define these basic concepts so we can tell them apart: Privacy is concerned with the collection and use of personal data. So when the internet giants gather your private information without your knowledge and sell it to advertisers at a mass-scale, they definitely compromise your privacy. Anonymity is not just a poorly understood aspect of privacy. It is one of the amazing gifts of the internet that enables people to express their opinions and ideas without fear. Keeping their true identities under the safeguard of anonymity, people can confidentlydiscuss their bosses or spouses, challenge political authority, attack organized crime, and come forward with inconvenient facts and truth. Security is a broad concept that encompasses different mechanisms, which guard our privacy and anonymity against unwanted intruders. Security can include network protection, authentication, and data encryption to name just a few. International cyber wars, endless successful hacking attacks, and huge losses have become a modern threat. There is a constantly growing number of hacking of mobile devices, social media accounts, and private emails. According to the trend of the recent years, the number of attacks will increase by at least 50% in 2018 compared to 2017.

CEO & Co-founder
CFO & Co-founder

The economic cost of cybercrime is now estimated in 680 billion USD!
Since May 2018, the number of attacks spreading the malicious programs has increased twice.

That is why the comprehensive solution offered by the #SISHUB Team will meet huge demand. And it has no competitors!

#STEEL is the unique #Messenger.

1. Maximal #security.
2. Total #anonymity.
3. Store information without fear of its leak like in a safe.
4. The built-in Multi-currency #Wallet.
5. Each user can make money by becoming an active node of the network and thus receive STEEL Tokens.

#STEEL Messenger by #SISHUB Team created for ensuring users’ online privacy. This application will not track any of your personal data or activity.

STEEL is simple and easy to use by anyone, even by a non-experienced Internet user, and can also be used as a corporate #messenger.

The vision of #SISHUB is to provide highly reliable, #decentralized anonymous #STEEL ECOSYSTEM, which is the comprehensive solution for:

data sharing
payment transactions,
ensuring users #confidentiality, #security and #anonymity.

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Current IT infrastructure works under pressure of many different types of attacks, targets for that are both ordinary users, and companies.

#SISHUB Team offers a comprehensive solution to the Internet security problem - #blockchain-based #STEEL Ecosystem.

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Prijs0.0000 USD VerkoopN/A BetaalmethodeETH
Minimale investering 0.1 ETH Distributie70% verhevenN/A
Soft Cap5,000 ETH Hard Cap50,000 ETH