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Begin datumfebruari 18, 2019
Einddatummaart 19, 2019
landCayman Islands
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The future embodiment of this solution will be a decentralized application (dApp) called Pledgecamp. Pledgecamp will be the first platform to offer Backer Insurance—a security mechanism that holds campaign funds in a smart contract governed by backer vote. This financial incentive holds creators accountable to their promised timelines and provides a basic security mechanism for backers.

"Pledgecamp has launched a first-of-its-kind backer insurance solution, that reduces risks for investors when they contribute and gives backers the option to tack back their funds if they suspect any wrongdoing."

@zycrypto posted an exciting overview –

"Pledgecamp is a company that has observed crowdfunding campaigns for years to understand that the platform should exist to pay back the individual backers"

Ryu Jung Hee, CEO of FuturePlay speaks about solving the issues in crowdfunding via blockchain –

What is Pledgecamp?

What is Pledgecamp’s mission?

Why blockchain?

What makes Pledgecamp different?

What is Backer Insurance?

There are many questions we get from the community every day.
The most popular ones answered here –>

"One of Pledgecamp's features is known as Backer Insurance. Instead of funds being released in full as soon as a target is met, project creators must propose clear development milestones before contributions are made."

Check out @Cointelegraph article –

Our advisor — Randi Zuckerberg designed her new podcast to educate the mainstream audience on blockchain.

Pledgecamp is shown on the description page as a partner, and is featured in the introduction and middle of each episode.
Click here to listen –

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