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Begin datumapril 15, 2019
Einddatummei 14, 2019
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Healthcare industry is constantly growing in value and complexity. But unlike other major industries, IT is yet to fully disrupt healthcare.

Decentralized ledger technology enables traceability, data immutability and creation of secure methods for privacy protection, thus representing a perfect fit for healthcare.

For healthcare to work efficiently, patients, clinics, doctors and other healthcare professionals need to be better connected to each other.

After closely examining the possibilities for global and client use of blockchain technology in healthcare, with actual state of the art of technology in mind, we came up with Medicohealth decentralized application.

Medical Advisor
Medical Advisor
Medical Advisor

The leading EU’s safest fiat to crypto exchange provider, London based @BitInsLtd , is our partner! Read more about them in our article below! 👇#healthcare #partners #blockchain

Join us in our path, become a part of our journey and stay with us in the future! You can complete the KYC process on the link below 👇 #healthcare #medicohealth

We are closer to launch every day and still gaining supporter momentum. Read why it's a good idea to support us in our article below! 👇#healthcare #medicohealth #support

Avoid the waiting times to see your doctor! With our app, you will be able to get help or an opinion from a licensed medical professional in mere minutes. Read more in our article below! 👇 #medicohealth #healthcare

The right information at the right time can make a big difference. Find out more about how to receive news about our advancement to your inbox in our Medium article below! 👇#healthcare

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Prijs1 MHP = 0.08 USD Verkoop325,000,000 BetaalmethodeETH
Minimale investering0.1 ETH Distributie65% verhevenN/A
Soft Cap3,500,000 USD Hard Cap23,500,000 USD