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Begin datumdecember 15, 2018
Einddatumfebruari 15, 2019
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By the end of the decade, global cryptocurrency trading found itself  scattered among various platforms, which led to severe fragmentation of liquidity. The lower the liquidity, the lower the average volume of a trading position in comparison to stock and other classical markets. Moreover, in the moments of abrupt market movements, it can be insufficient even for trading low volumes of cryptocurrencies.

Project Manager
Co-founder of the project
Co-founder and technical manager

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Prijs1 LEN = 1 USD Verkoop59,640,787 BetaalmethodeETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, ZEC
Minimale investeringN/A Distributie93,56% verhevenN/A
Soft Cap20 000 000 USD Hard Cap50 000 000 USD