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Begin datumaugustus 27, 2018
Einddatummaart 18, 2019
landCayman Islands
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With the enormous rise in cryptocurrency use and blockchain functionality, security is a huge issue—hacking and theft occur daily. Investments and other digital assets are constantly being stolen, negatively impacting the entire cryptocurrency market. Our goal is to bring stability to the market with KryptiWallet. KryptiWallet provides transaction security superior to any existing wallet through the use of patented Eclypses MicroTokenExchange™ (MTE) technology. It also takes data security to a new level by storing data inside the PCI DSS Level 1, HIPAA certified Eclypses Digital Vault, ensuring that users and exchanges who use KryptiWallet are impervious to the numerous hacks and cryptocurrency thefts prevalent in today’s ecosystem.

Not only does KryptiWallet provide superior security than other wallets, it is intuitive to use. Usability is one of the biggest drawbacks for protecting blockchain data of any type; the more secure a storage method is, the more cumbersome it can be to use. Many hardware based wallets require a high degree of technical aptitude and are very time consuming to use, preventing widespread adoption and use.

KryptiWallet has a simple, elegant interface that is intuitive and for all users of any technical level. It will hold numerous cryptocurrencies at launch, and is designed so that it will soon be able to hold any type of digital asset tied to any blockchain, becoming a truly universal digital asset wallet.  KryptiWallet provides the convenience of on an online wallet, security superior to any other wallet, and functionality that is unparalleled compared to any other wallet (online or offline) that exists today.

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Find more information about #krypti #goals and about our cool team🤓

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Prijs0.0100 USD Verkoop40,000,000,000 BetaalmethodeBTC, ETH, XLM
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