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Begin datumdecember 24, 2019
Einddatumdecember 25, 2020
in 8 Maand

We want to build a Blockchain based platform that will allow to create modern PAMM accounts in the cryptocurrency space. To make it happen GEC will build a cloud-based software which connects cloud service that provide a web interface for all participants, blockchain based gateways to communicate with different types of blockchains and modern API to integrate third party providers.


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“Discover basics about the platform & become the cryptocurrency investor the smart way.” —

It's here, and it's official, the brand new website just arrived. Be the first to share it with your community, leave a comment and hit that like button, we will much appreciate it. Your opinion matters!😝😎

Dear community, just a quick update regarding our website Currently, we are experiencing transfer from the old site to the new one. You might experience difficulty viewing it at this moment. Once the transition is complete, we will keep you informed. is a multi-exchange trading platform with PAMM accounts facility, where traders are ready to do all the hard work for YOU.

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Prijs0.0000 USD Verkoop550,000,000 BetaalmethodeN/A
Minimale investeringN/A Distributie65% verhevenN/A
Soft CapN/A Hard CapN/A