Kraken Exchange Review | Ervaring en Betrouwbaar?

Volume (24H) €83,170,351.35
14,808.97 BTC
Ondersteuning van munten20
Alexa Rank 13423
Top landUnited States
Kraken exchange 24 uur trading volume is $€83,170,351.35 (14,808.97 BTC) Deze exchange ondersteund 20 crypto currencies en 71 market trading paren. Volgens de Alexa rank staat deze exchange op nummer 13423 rank wereldwijd. Deze website is het meest populair in United States met een Alexa Country Rank van 7820

# Valuta Paar Prijs Volume (24 uur) bijgewerkt
1BitcoinBTC/EUR€5,568.02€15,256,529.111 dag
2BitcoinBTC/USD€5,554.49€13,497,919.311 dag
3Bitcoin CashBCH/USD€454.08€12,738,786.731 dag
4EthereumETH/USD€180.20€7,513,204.921 dag
5EthereumETH/EUR€180.25€5,805,425.331 dag
6Bitcoin CashBCH/BTC€460.76€5,010,953.811 dag
7RippleXRP/EUR€0.441906€4,080,611.391 dag
8TetherUSDT/USD€0.86€3,776,126.601 dag
9Bitcoin CashBCH/EUR€454.21€3,168,859.081 dag
10RippleXRP/USD€0.441053€2,623,967.721 dag
11EthereumETH/BTC€182.25€1,448,213.921 dag
12StellarXLM/EUR€0.224451€790,071.221 dag
13StellarXLM/USD€0.223482€609,479.081 dag
14StellarXLM/BTC€0.226051€551,013.971 dag
15EOSEOS/USD€4.53€546,336.111 dag
16RippleXRP/BTC€0.445925€483,444.131 dag
17EOSEOS/EUR€4.54€440,244.441 dag
18LitecoinLTC/EUR€43.32€347,353.851 dag
19BitcoinBTC/CAD€5,509.32€338,837.391 dag
20ZcashZEC/EUR€111.05€338,583.141 dag
21ZcashZEC/BTC€111.99€276,983.221 dag
22Ethereum ClassicETC/USD€7.88€276,903.841 dag
23ZcashZEC/USD€110.78€264,443.261 dag
24Ethereum ClassicETC/EUR€7.89€260,287.301 dag
25MoneroXMR/EUR€91.07€247,932.311 dag
26EOSEOS/BTC€4.59€241,447.601 dag
27LitecoinLTC/USD€43.27€200,468.591 dag
28DashDASH/USD€140.20€164,826.851 dag
29LitecoinLTC/BTC€43.81€163,809.431 dag
30MoneroXMR/USD€90.75€163,653.111 dag
31EOSEOS/ETH€4.60€151,860.711 dag
32CardanoADA/EUR€0.065020€135,278.931 dag
33TezosXTZ/BTC€1.10€128,050.601 dag
34CardanoADA/BTC€0.065485€118,009.491 dag
35CardanoADA/USD€0.064641€115,099.531 dag
36MoneroXMR/BTC€91.99€108,187.121 dag
37DashDASH/EUR€140.58€80,074.951 dag
38TezosXTZ/ETH€1.10€64,025.671 dag
39TezosXTZ/USD€1.09€58,596.491 dag
40DashDASH/BTC€141.53€56,976.411 dag
41TezosXTZ/EUR€1.10€56,108.441 dag
42Ethereum ClassicETC/BTC€7.95€49,393.301 dag
43IconomiICN/ETH€0.317953€46,350.637 dag
44AugurREP/EUR€11.48€46,326.471 dag
45QtumQTUM/USD€3.27€44,097.541 dag
46QtumQTUM/EUR€3.29€43,830.671 dag
47EthereumETH/CAD€179.15€37,135.061 dag
48AugurREP/BTC€11.59€32,001.811 dag
49DogecoinDOGE/BTC€0.002640€29,176.771 dag
50QtumQTUM/BTC€3.31€28,829.211 dag
51MelonMLN/BTC€11.04€26,596.371 dag
52IconomiICN/BTC€0.308064€22,513.277 dag
53CardanoADA/ETH€0.065792€20,662.871 dag
54Ethereum ClassicETC/ETH€7.97€17,685.081 dag
55EthereumETH/JPY€180.96€15,128.591 dag
56BitcoinBTC/JPY€5,561.50€13,977.331 dag
57RippleXRP/CAD€0.438075€12,221.881 dag
58MelonMLN/ETH€10.99€11,315.031 dag
59AugurREP/USD€11.52€9,937.271 dag
60ZcashZEC/JPY€111.87€6,132.191 dag
61GnosisGNO/BTC€16.85€5,951.231 dag
62RippleXRP/JPY€0.451726€5,134.341 dag
63QtumQTUM/ETH€3.32€4,894.681 dag
64AugurREP/ETH€11.69€3,597.451 dag
65GnosisGNO/EUR€16.72€1,648.431 dag
66GnosisGNO/ETH€16.94€1,634.411 dag
67EthereumETH/GBP€188.08€1,611.531 dag
68GnosisGNO/USD€16.65€981.301 dag
69TezosXTZ/CAD€1.08€818.211 dag
70CardanoADA/CAD€0.064587€646.071 dag
71QtumQTUM/CAD€3.25€1.161 dag

Read our blog post on the upcoming November 15 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork:

Support for Bitcoin and QTUM Bech32 withdrawal addresses is live. Addresses begin with 'bc1' and 'qc1', respectively. Support for Bech32 deposit addresses will be coming shortly. More about Bech32 here:

Please welcome aboard our latest member of the OTC trading team: Patrick "Fattest Finger" Star! Patrick's unrivaled ability to mash the keyboard has already resulted in significant losses to the firm. Fortunately, with a typing speed of 0 WPM the trades will never be recorded.


Some say Krakenstein's monster still wanders the ocean floor, searching for the deepest liquidity. Some say he still mines with GPUs, not for the coins, but to unlock liquidity trapped in the ice caps. Be you shark or whale, or little guppy, we wish you a Happy Halloween!🐙🦈🐋🐠


Super sweet Halloween update for you trick-or-traders. Always remember: you'll get more candy by trading than tricking. 🎃

We have just reduced the @monero XMR withdrawal fee to 0.00010.

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